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Kentucky Technical University is a 501c3 Public Charity founded in 2020 with the mission
to deliver the most affordable, innovative and accessible education
to nontraditional students where technology opportunities were lacking.

Kentucky is 48th In Technology(FORBES.COM)

Kentucky Ranks....

45th in Innovation (WalleyHub)
48th in tech salaries (Courier-Journal)
46th in Internet Speed (
45th Workforce Education(CRN.COM)
40th in Entrepreneurship(CRN.COM)
41st Tech Jobs(CRN.COM)
48th In Financial Stability(USNEWS.COM)

17,000 Young Adults are not in school and not employed in Louisville, KY

Disconnected Young Adults Lack Opportunities

The "Disconnected Youth" problem in Louisville will not be addressed by the status quo.  Minorities are 4 times more likely to be "disconnected" fro m society.  A lack of educational options leads to an uneducated workforce which contributes to less opportunities.

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